Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cool Buy: Masala Lacquered Tray @ DwellStudio

We were finally able to get rid of our (cheap) ottoman-style coffee table in the living room now that our daughter is more stable on her feet and we don't have to worry about daily head injuries. We picked up a gorgeous, Mid-Century walnut Lane coffee table for a song at the River Market Antique Mall. Hooray! Furniture that we like!

The table was in perfect condition with not a scratch on it. Until my daughter got to it with her wooden sushi set. That girl can be rough with her wasabi, you know what I mean? And now it has a few small scratches that make me twitch whenever I look at them.

Problem solved: a pretty tray to hide them!

I love this beautiful tray from Dwell Studios. Don't they just make the prettiest things? It's all shiny and clean looking. And the lovely lining is a nice surprise. Perfect for setting down a cocktail, TV remotes, or fake California rolls.

$63 at

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