Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool Buy: God Father Lounge Chair @ Skate Study House

This post comes courtesy of my husband whose love of skateboards is surpassed only by his love of surfing. (you thought I was going to say his love of me, right? Obviously I come WAY before any kind of board, thank you very much.)

This company - Skate Study House - is amazing. Based in California and focused on environmentally-conscious design, these guys use skateboard design as the inspiration behind some pretty cool furniture. Like the God Father Lounge Chair:

See those leather ovals? They're inspired by the shape of a skateboard deck. Cool, eh? Wait, there's more.

This divider is made of the same maple plywood that good skateboards are made of.

Okay, one more:

Skateboard wheels! So cute for a boys room or man cave.

All prices available upon request by emailing info@skatestudyhouse.com.

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