Friday, December 23, 2011

Cool Gift: Relaxation @ Massage Envy

I am exhausted. Shopping, wrapping, shipping, planning parties, attending parties, packing, unpacking, cooking, yo-yo dieting, opening wine bottles....the holidays can be a stressful time. That's why this makes an excellent gift. I should know, I got one this year from my awesome hubby who knows that a happy wife = a happy life.

These guys have locations all over the country but obviously check their web site so make sure there's one in your recipient's home town.

From $75-$150 or a custom amount. You can either pick up a gift card at any Massage Envy location or you can buy it online and have it emailed to someone immediately! And for those of you concerned about the impersonal nature of an emailed gift card, I have this to say: WE ARE TWO DAYS FROM CHRISTMAS AND YOU ARE JUST NOW GETTING AROUND TO SHOPPING FOR THIS PERSON. CHANCES ARE THEY WILL NOT CARE THAT YOU EMAILED THEM A GIFT CARD ONCE THEY ARE FACE DOWN IN A DIMLY LIT ROOM WITH SOME STRONG-HANDED STRANGER GIVING THEM A SWEDISH. SO LET IT GO. IT'S BETTER THAN A FRUITCAKE.

Happy holidays!

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