Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cool Gift: New Years Eve Readiness Kit @ Any Grocery Store

Okay, it's Christmas Eve. This is like that moment in the SATs where the proctor tells everyone to put their pencils down. No more filling in those little bubbles. The party is over. Or actually it's just beginning. So here's a quicky gift idea you can get at any grocery store (and most drug stores and Targets). Make a New Year's Eve kit. In a cute gift bag, basket or ice bucket add:

1. Bottle of bubbly

2. Bottle of Advil

3. Bottle of Gatorade

4. Box of Saltines

Attach a tag that says, "Here's to a happy and hangover-free holiday!" Not only will it be a thoughtful gift, but they'll think of you as a life-saver on New Year's Day. Hooray for you!

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