Thursday, November 10, 2011

Questionable Buy: DLM Side Table @ Horne

I looked at the picture of this side table for a few minutes trying to figure out the purpose of that weird little jutting-out thing was for. All I could come up with was 13 ways my toddler could impale herself on it. Then I clicked on the picture and read the description and thought, "ooooooooooooooh! hmmmm..."

Take a guess. I'll give you a hint: DLM stands for "Don't Leave Me":

Yep, it's a handle. And it kind of makes sense, huh? Imagine you're having a cocktail party and someone spills a glass of cabernet on the sofa so you have to drench it in Resolve and now no one can sit on it without ending up with a soggy tush so you have to move your sparkling convo (and new glass of wine) elsewhere. No place to put your (new) drink? No problem! Just move your side table (you only need one hand thanks to the handy-dandy handle) and voila! Game on!

$245 and available in five colors.

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