Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool Buy: Modfire Pit @

Two years ago my husband bought a fire pit from he could burn our Christmas tree...because we missed the trash pick-up window....and because boys like to set things on fire.

After two years out in the elements (read: 5 feet of snow that won't melt for many months) the fire pit looks awful. It's dirty and rusted over and we never use it for family marshmallow-roasting sing-songs or romantic hot cocoa chit-chats. It's just an eyesore and is taking up space. Oh and my 17-month-old thinks it's super fun to play with.

ARGH! I want it gone. And in its place, I would like this:

Now THIS is a firepit! Stylish, reminiscent of mid-century comes in many colors and you can even choose wood burning versus propane. So cool, right?

They're a little pricey - $1,250 + $145 for shipping and handling - but talk about high impact. Time to stock up on the marshmallows.

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  1. Yo! the freakn' humble home has that badass black firepit right by the door. it's awesome!!