Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cool Gift: Design Sponge at Home @

BUY BOOKS, PEOPLE. Real ones. Not those things you download to your iPad. Real books made of real paper. Not only are they great to read, they are also beautiful, warm up a space, and make a great gift. 

One of my all-time favorite blogs has released a fabulous new coffee table book full of amazing images and ideas for your home. (including 50 before and after pictures submitted by readers!)

$26.06 at (and the Barnes & Noble version has additional content. More photos!)

***Husband, if you're reading this, this would make a lovely gift for a certain design-loving individual you know.

He's totally not reading. But he will be!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cool Gift: Bolinas Flatware @ Jayson Home

I love cheese. In fact, I'm going to make today's post a two-for-one gift idea.

First up, the Bolinas cheese serving utensils at Jayson Home:

Dark wood handles with mother of pearl inlay.. $26 each for the cheese knife, spreader and plane. (if you're only going to buy two, I recommend the knife and spreader)

Now the second part of this gift idea. My ALL TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT in Manhattan is Artisanal. If you're a cheese lover like I am, this is a must-stop on any trip to the big city. Along with a fabulous sommelier, Artisanal features a fromagier...a cheese expert who curates the restaurant's cheese cellar (not an actual several giant wine refrigerators in their own special room) where they keep hundreds of artisanal cheeses.


Their small tin features one of my favorite cheeses of all time - Purple Haze from Vermont - along with two other lovely selections, crackers and fig jam.

$55 at

This makes a great gift for your holiday hosts...and maybe they'll even share! Mmmmm....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cool Gift: Trunki Trixie @

Need a gift for the little jet-setter in your life? How cute is this guy?

Available in a zillion color combinations the Trunki is part suitcase, part pull toy and ride-on. Kids can pull it through the airport using the leash, or, when their little legs get tired of hoofing it through the terminal mom or dad (or auntie or nanny) can take them for a ride. (and yes, it's carry-on size)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Cool Gift: 5-Piece Stainless Champagne Set @ CB2

This is a whole lot of gift for $50.

A gorgeous stainless steel ice bucket plus four hand-blown stemless champagne flutes. If you REALLY want to impress and have a little money to burn, add a bottle of your favorite sparkly. (doesn't have to be a big splurge....Trader Joe's has an AMAZING $10 prosecco)

$49.95 at

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cool Gift: Wish Tree Jewelry Holder @ Anthropologie

If you've got it, flaunt it. And I'm talking about your jewelry. Spandex is a privilege, ladies. (but Lycra is our friend!)

Wouldn't this make a lovely gift for the fashionista in your life?

$78 at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cool Gift: Birch Pillar Candles @ World Market

What to get for your aunt who always sets the most gorgeous holiday table?

These are made of ivory paraffin and wrapped in actual birch. No, they're not a fire hazard. (that's what my husband would say) The wick burns straight down and will last for hours. Buy three different sizes for the perfect addition to any wintertime fete!

On sale now at, $5.59 - $19.99.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cool Gift: Leafy Keen Salad Set @ Land of Nod

As the mother of a toddler I often find myself wondering, "what do I have to do to get some friggin' peace and quiet around here?!" It seems that 90% of the toys we own make noise - they sing, they talk, they spaz out when tickled. So I, for one, would be thrilled to find this little gem under the tree on Christmas day:

And I think my daughter would agree as she loves "pretend versions" of anything grown up.

I wonder how long it'd take her to start using the tossers as drumsticks?


Monday, November 21, 2011

Cool Gift: Paper Pack Delux @ Three Potato Four

I warned you that I am obsessed with this shop so it should come as no surprise that my first holiday gift idea comes from Three Potato Four.

When I saw this I immediately thought of several ephemera-loving gal pals who would probably love it. The Paper Pack Delux is hand curated by the folks at Three Potato Four to include vintage paper finds, like maps, stamps, tickets, etc.

This would make a great gift for a scrapbooker or for that friend who always gives you a hand-made birthday card leaving you feeling totally lame for the birthday text message you sent her that year.

Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Cool Buy: Industrial Cafeteria Table @ Three Potato Four

Three Potato Four will be my undoing. Mark my words.

Why, you ask? Because they have stuff like this:

It's also available in an 8-seater and 12-seater. But the 4-seater is just enough for a kitchen or play room. Wouldn't this make an awesome art table for a kids room?

Sure it's $2,000 so you probably don't want little Johnny breaking out the glitter paint on it. Buy maybe if he promised to be EXTRA careful?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cool Buy: Midcentury Nightstands @ TINI

Let's start with this. TINI stands for "This Is Not Ikea." It is a fabulous shop in Los Angeles. They ship.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I sort of love these nightstands:

Honestly, I'd probably lacquer them in a super glossy white. I can't see this color of wood without wanting to paint over it. Forgive me. But the overall shape and detail on the door are amazing. And functional!

$245 each.

If you don't love them, don't you fret. There are plenty of other pretty things to look at on their site. And I repeat: they ship.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cool Casa's Holiday Gift Ideas

I am one of those super annoying people who starts Christmas shopping in June and has her presents purchased AND WRAPPED by November. Gross, I know. But I LOVE holiday shopping. It makes me so happy. And I love wrapping much so that I have considered applying to work at the gift wrap counter at my local department store because I love gift wrapping so much. It's a sickness.

Anywho, I know not everyone looks forward to holiday shopping as much as I do, so starting Monday, November 21 through Christmas Eve, I'll be posting a daily gift idea.

Don't know what to get your boss? Dad super hard to shop for? What to get for the gal who has everything?

Not to worry. Cool Casa's got your back. Stay tuned!

Cool Buy: Woven Cylinder Vase @ Tiffany

There are few things more elegant than the robin's egg blue of a Tiffany box. There's something about that blue box and white satin ribbon that make my heart flutter. And yes, I realize how shallow that sounds, but I don't care. In the words of Buddy the Elf, "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!"

Looking for a lovely wedding/housewarming/birthday/holiday/hostess/just because gift? Bam:

Is that pretty, or what? Look, here's a close-up:

Just $75! And the best part? It comes in the blue box! Hooray!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cool Buy: Zebra Pillow @ AreaWare

I keep hearing about how animal print is big this season. I'm pretty sure the fashionistas didn't mean it like this:

...but I've never listened to them anyway.

$28 at

Zebra's not your thing? Not to worry. They've got other animals to add to your bedroom menagerie:

I could go on but I don't wish to bore you. Nighty night!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cool Buy: 1940s French Recliner @ RummageHome

Oh if only I had $3,500 laying around.

Okay I probably wouldn't spend it on this oh-so-amazing 1940s French outdoor recliner....I would probably spend it repairing my cracked driveway. But practical thinking is B-O-R-I-N-G! So let's dream of a world filled with impractical yet beautiful things, shall we? has tons of impractical yet beautiful things. Go. Dream. Shop.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Questionable Buy: DLM Side Table @ Horne

I looked at the picture of this side table for a few minutes trying to figure out the purpose of that weird little jutting-out thing was for. All I could come up with was 13 ways my toddler could impale herself on it. Then I clicked on the picture and read the description and thought, "ooooooooooooooh! hmmmm..."

Take a guess. I'll give you a hint: DLM stands for "Don't Leave Me":

Yep, it's a handle. And it kind of makes sense, huh? Imagine you're having a cocktail party and someone spills a glass of cabernet on the sofa so you have to drench it in Resolve and now no one can sit on it without ending up with a soggy tush so you have to move your sparkling convo (and new glass of wine) elsewhere. No place to put your (new) drink? No problem! Just move your side table (you only need one hand thanks to the handy-dandy handle) and voila! Game on!

$245 and available in five colors.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cool Buy: The Linen Market Bag @ Studio Patro

I have a million market bags and if I'm being honest, nine times out of ten I forget to bring them to the market. I even keep them in the back of my car, not that it helps. The bags could be attached to my pants with velcro and I'd still forget about them. That's just how I roll, tree huggers. Sorry. I am only human.

Some totes I've purchased and some have been freebies. (I love a freebie bag! If only I'd remember to use it!) I think the most I've ever paid for a tote was around $20 at Roots in Toronto. The bag is great, super sturdy and most of the proceeds went to some (probably) worthy cause, which made me feel better about spending $80 on a maple leaf hoodie.

If I owned this bag I would probably be better about taking it out and about:

Lest you be confused, these are all pictures of the same bag. It's $84 and I know that seems like a lot of money to spend on something you'll probably end up using to carry Cheddar Bunnies and shampoo in, but it is ridiculously chic. In fact, I think it should be mandatory to carry a baguette and bouquet of flowers in this bag at all times and to make Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose your ring tone. (because nothing says chic like a fun ring tone!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cool Buy: Lettered Wine Carafe's @ Terrain

Sure you could pour wine right out of the bottle, but I guarantee that two-buck-chuck will look a lot more impressive if you pour it out of this amazing lettered wine carafe:

$48 each at These would make fabulous hostess and holiday gifts, too. Pair it with a fabulous bottle of wine for a gift that is sure to impress.

I'd be impressed!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool Buy: Modfire Pit @

Two years ago my husband bought a fire pit from he could burn our Christmas tree...because we missed the trash pick-up window....and because boys like to set things on fire.

After two years out in the elements (read: 5 feet of snow that won't melt for many months) the fire pit looks awful. It's dirty and rusted over and we never use it for family marshmallow-roasting sing-songs or romantic hot cocoa chit-chats. It's just an eyesore and is taking up space. Oh and my 17-month-old thinks it's super fun to play with.

ARGH! I want it gone. And in its place, I would like this:

Now THIS is a firepit! Stylish, reminiscent of mid-century comes in many colors and you can even choose wood burning versus propane. So cool, right?

They're a little pricey - $1,250 + $145 for shipping and handling - but talk about high impact. Time to stock up on the marshmallows.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cool Buy: Holiday Tumblers @ Tupperware

I am so jazzed that it's almost Christmas! You know, after Thanksgiving and most of December. I've already started my Christmas shopping. One of my favorite gifts to receive (and I say RECEIVE because I'm never organized enough to make homemade gifts) is food. So sure you can make frosted Christmas cookies for your mailman/dentist/teacher/dog walker, but wouldn't one of these filled with egg nog or apple cider be even more fun?

$35 for a set of six.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cool Buy: Louis 4-Poster Bed @ ABC Home

I think four poster beds are so pretty and romantic but I've never had a bedroom big enough where one would look good. I think a four-poster looks prettiest in a room with high ceilings - that way it doesn't look as though the bed has swallowed the bedroom. That said, I think even if I lived in a tiny tiny box, I would make an exception for this bed:

It's a modern twist on a classic design...modern baroque (huh? what? how did he do that!). Plus I think the high gloss lacquered finish would be super easy to clean peanut butter and crayon from. Although the king size is $3195 so maybe she can keep her peanut butter fingers out of mommy's room.