Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cool Buy: Vintage Wood Card Catalog Drawers @ Etsy

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I hardly ever go to the library any more. The last time I went was a few months ago for story time with my toddler.

As a child I loved the library. I loved the smell of books, the librarian's stamp with the rotating date numbers, the scarred tables and quiet almost-sacred ambiance. Most of all I loved the idea that there were treasures to be found. Books I hadn't read yet, books I'd never even heard of, books for miles. And often times the treasure hunt started here:

These old card catalog drawers make me happy, and I can picture them stuffed with crisp white rolled-up towels in a bathroom, pretty spice jars in a kitchen, or loaded with bangles in a boudoir. At $18 (for one chosen at random) on Etsy, this is a great way to add character to your room.

Now excuse me while I go dust off my library card.

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