Monday, October 24, 2011

Cool Buy: Gansu Bench @ Room & Board

Though I appreciate the function of an ottoman-style coffee table (we have one in our living room and baby C has bumped up against it countless times), I miss being able to set down a glass or plate without having to first clear the decorative tray that sits atop our table. In my house the tray that was supposed to act as a place to set down a drink has become a catch-all for the three million magazines we subscribe to, remote controls, toys, children's books, errant Cheerios and sippy cups.

So when it comes to choosing a table for our basement living area, I, I demand!...a regular table. Like THIS one, maybe?

I like the way the open slats on the side make it feel a bit more airy, and not like a giant slab of dark wood. (giant slabs of dark wood can be lovely in the right space, but my basement was supposed to feel a bit more open and light and beachy, remember?)

I think this could be it!$499 at

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