Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you and your wee ones are celebrating with buckets of candy and It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Here's a little something that felt appropriate for the day (and for tomorrow, Dia de los Muertos in Mexico):

Skeleton Ladies of the Night, $15.38.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Questionable Buy: Paper Pots @ Uncommon Goods

I keep seeing these paper pots all over the place:

I can't tell if they're super clever or just a ridiculous use of $39. I mean, I understand wanting to hide an ugly box of tissues, but these days Kleenex has some beautiful patterns on their boxes. See?

The bottom one is my personal favorite and can be found in my yellow bathroom right this very minute. Who needs a paper pot?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cool Buy: Olive Branch Dish @ Michael Aram

Sure, you can serve olives out of the plastic tub they come in at the store, or you can serve them in this:

Pretty sure you know which one gets my vote. $139.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cool Buy: Ion lamp @ School House Electric

If you're ever in the market for period lighting, School House Electric is THE place to go. Check out this awesome piece which was featured in this month's Elle Decor:

Inspired by the device used by Thomas Edison to test the first light bulb, this Ion lamp would make a fabulous desk lamp in a man cave. (or a lady's lounge...who am I to judge?)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cool Buy: kMix Pump Espresso @

It took every ounce of self control I have not to post the hot pink one:

Is that gorgeous? $299.95. It also comes in white, black, red, yellow and magenta. Does it make good espresso? Maybe. But who cares! It's adorable and it'll look great on your kitchen counter. Don't drink espresso? Check out these other beauties from the kMix line:

5 or 10 cup coffee maker
2-slice magenta!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Field Trip!

Next week Cool Casa is headed to Charlotte, North Carolina for the International Collectibles & Antiques Show. I plan on loading up on tons of goodies for my home and the Etsy shop. So stay tuned! (and if you have any requests for stuff I should be on the hunt for, let me know!)

Cool Buy: Gansu Bench @ Room & Board

Though I appreciate the function of an ottoman-style coffee table (we have one in our living room and baby C has bumped up against it countless times), I miss being able to set down a glass or plate without having to first clear the decorative tray that sits atop our table. In my house the tray that was supposed to act as a place to set down a drink has become a catch-all for the three million magazines we subscribe to, remote controls, toys, children's books, errant Cheerios and sippy cups.

So when it comes to choosing a table for our basement living area, I, I demand!...a regular table. Like THIS one, maybe?

I like the way the open slats on the side make it feel a bit more airy, and not like a giant slab of dark wood. (giant slabs of dark wood can be lovely in the right space, but my basement was supposed to feel a bit more open and light and beachy, remember?)

I think this could be it!$499 at

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cool Buy: Mystic Chair @ Target

Well will you look at Target getting all Phillipe Stark-y and stuff!

On sale now for $224.99 for the pair. Switch out two of your more formal dining room chairs for these (the ones at the head of the table) for a chic new look.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ethan Allen Style Quiz

Full disclosure: I've never purchased anything at Ethan Allen, but as a marketer I am fascinated by the way they have organized their products to make it easy for the more design-challenged individuals to pull together a room.

The folks at EA have defined five "signature lifestyles" that include modern, elegant, romance, explorer, and vintage. I assumed I'd be vintage but after browsing through the library of vintage-styled rooms, I decided that wasn't the case. And then I found this handy little "What's My Signature?" quiz and discovered that:

...and I'm not sure that's right either. See for yourself and let me know how accurate the test was for you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cool Buy: Normann Copenhagen Wall Curio @ Huset-Shop

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you turn. And thank goodness for that. The holidays are the only acceptable reason for this type of chill in the air. I, for one, love Christmas. I love decorating the tree and buying and wrapping gifts. 

I have a lot of fun childhood memories of Christmas as a child. With five children in the house my mom often got creative with things. The year we all decided we wanted stockings (not part of the Christmas tradition where my parents are from), my mom helped us make our own out of paper grocery bags. Another year she used string lights and a staple gun to form the outline of a Christmas tree on the wall. (no pesky pine needles to pick up!) 

And although I know this is not intended for use as a decorative holiday accessory, for some reason it made me think of my mom and how she could probably think of something awesome to do with this guy:

Don't get me wrong. I think this would look adorable in a kid's room stocked with books and stuffed squirrel toys. (right? It's so woodsy, it's just crying out for a stuffed squirrel...and maybe some mushrooms) But I can't help but imagine it filled with beautifully wrapped gifts and bowls filled with sparkling ornaments and tinsel.

What can I say? The cool air is making me think of Christmas. And I like it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cool Buy: Chindi Folding Stool @ VivaTerra

I saw this little guy in this month's issue of House Beautiful and thought it was adorable:

$79. Sure I would probably be scared to sit on it....maybe it's more of a "for pretty" stool as opposed to be a "for sitting" stool. Made out of old fabric remnants, it kind of reminds me of those woven pot holders I used to make as a kid only fancier...sort of:

But look at these:

So cute and bohemian and stuff. $99 for the folding chair, $239 for the bar stool.

And you'll never be caught without a pot holder.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cool Buy: Tucker Camo Laptop Table @ CB2

My husband has been on the lookout for a rolling table that can hold his laptop while he's on the recumbent exercise bike.

Silly, no?

But look what I came across today. It almost works:

I mean, it's super functional:

But I think can survive an hour without him, no?

$149 at

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cool Buy: Safavieh Ororo Rug @ OneKingsLane

Why aren't you on OneKingsLane yet? It's amazing! They have stuff like this:

This 5X8 Ororo over-dyed rug is "made of indigenous wool and using an ancient, Peshawar-style weave." It's $1,799 which I realize may sound like a lot, but it's a serious bargain when you consider this rug should be priced well over $4,000.

There are many less expensive things on One Kings Lane. It's not all $2,000 rugs. But you'll never know until you sign up. So sign up now! (click on the logo below)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cool Buy: Gypsy Chandelier @ DutchByDesign

One day when I win MegaMillions (which should be any day now) I am going to have a big house with chandeliers in every room.

In little Baby C's room I'll have this one:

$140. Just over four feet long (from the very top to the last hanging bead), this Gypsy Chandelier is made of resin and metal and Skittles.

I was kidding about the Skittles. But it's believable, no?

Don't have the space for a four foot chandelier? Don't fret - they have a mini version for just $75:

It's also available in fuchsia, black, white and a soft pink. Hmmmm, fuchsia....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cool Buy: Banana Bud Vase @

My husband hates anything that can be described as "a touch of whimsy." I love whimsy. Small touches, giant splashes, and even overdone tacky doses of whimsy.

I think this is just the right amount of whimsy:

$48 Banana Bud Vase from Jonathan Adler. Available in four colors, including metallic gold and silver which are a bit pricier at $68. Do you have a quirky friend? (Ahem! What am I, chopped liver?) This would make a fabulous house warming gift.

I'll just have to hide it from my husband.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cool Buy: Global Ball Chair @

Since I was a child I have wanted one of these chairs:

It makes no sense! It's probably not all that comfortable! Baby C would probably injure herself trying to get in and out of it. I would probably injure myself trying to get in and out of it. And yet it is so James Dr. amazing.

I think someone should buy it and invite me over to sit in it. Any takers?

$999 at

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cool Buy: York Trash Bucket @ Urban Outfitters

I love a pretty trash can. Picture this one up against your subway- and penny-tiled bathroom.

It kind of reminds me of something you'd see in an old mental institution. And I have NO idea where that came from. I've been watching too many black and white horror movies. But there's nothing horrible about this cute little trash bucket, especially not for $24!

Cool Buy: Nate Berkus Glass Top Tree Table @

I friggin' love Nate Berkus. I've mentioned that once or twice, haven't I? I bought the man's headboard, for Pete's sake.

No, not HIS actual headboard (I quiver at the thought!), but one from his line for the Home Shopping Network. And now I want this:

Isn't that pretty? I'm a sucker for a functional conversation piece. This would make a perfect little side table in a living room or den. (it's only 28" high, not high enough to sit at...unless you're short. REALLY short.) $329.95 at

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cool Buy: JLo Old Hollywood Bedding @ Kohls

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I saw this Jennifer Lopez-designed bedding in person at Kohl's the other day and let me tell you, for the money it is quite pretty.

The pattern doesn't have as much depth as it appears to have in this photo but other than that, it's actually very lovely. And it's on sale online right now!

The king duvet set (duvet cover + two king shams) is just $116. The king sheet set (one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two king pillow cases) is just $118.99 for a (not horrible, but not super luxurious) 300 thread count. (maybe splurge for some yummy sheets with 500+ thread deserve it)

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I totally shop at Kohl's. (I bought a pair of Jennifer Lopez jeans and a cardigan from a brand that I'd guess markets primarily to...ahem...more "mature" women.) If you have a Kohl's near you and you're in the market for some new bedding, check them out. The JLo stuff was pretty good looking, and the Vera Wang collection is nice too.

Just ignore the Daisy Fuentes stuff. Ay yi yi.

Cool Buy: Alma Brass Chair @ Organic Modernism

This chair makes me want to take every chair in my house out to the backyard and build a bonfire.

I know the Lord said we shouldn't covet, but he meant spouses, right? Not chairs? Because I'm seriously coveting this chair and if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Made of American walnut (USA! USA! USA!) and featuring brass legs, I can safely say that this chair is significantly more awesome than most of the chairs I own.

At $545 a pop, I proooooobably won't be buying a set of 8 for my dining table any time soon. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cool Buy: Pedra Coasters @ Gracious Home

Nate Berkus always talks about bringing nature into your home.

I, for one, like a little nature with my cocktails, don't you?

It's like the coaster equivilant of the mint leaf in your mojito.

$65 Brazilian agate coasters at Gracious Home.

Cool Blog: Material Girls

Another fun blog I discovered recently.

These designer/bloggers (I was trying to make a mash-up here....blogginers? desiggers? Nothing works.) share all kinds of stuff that inspires them, from pop culture to beautiful pieces of home decor. My favorite is their can't-be-missed Furniture Fridays round ups. Last week's featured entry tables. Who doesn't love a good entry table?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cool Buy: Fun Time Wall Clock @ MoMA Store

Clocks aren't always for telling time. Want proof?


But hey, why are you in such a hurry anyway? Stop to smell the roses!

$345 at

Cool Buy: Vintage Wood Card Catalog Drawers @ Etsy

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I hardly ever go to the library any more. The last time I went was a few months ago for story time with my toddler.

As a child I loved the library. I loved the smell of books, the librarian's stamp with the rotating date numbers, the scarred tables and quiet almost-sacred ambiance. Most of all I loved the idea that there were treasures to be found. Books I hadn't read yet, books I'd never even heard of, books for miles. And often times the treasure hunt started here:

These old card catalog drawers make me happy, and I can picture them stuffed with crisp white rolled-up towels in a bathroom, pretty spice jars in a kitchen, or loaded with bangles in a boudoir. At $18 (for one chosen at random) on Etsy, this is a great way to add character to your room.

Now excuse me while I go dust off my library card.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cool Buy: Tree Swing @ Hickoree's Hard Goods

I started reading Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart the other day. About a third of the way through I had to stop reading.

Now I'm not one to leave a book unfinished, but this book just depressed the bejeezus out of me. It's a near-future look at an America that is owned by the Chinese, where everyone's business (from salary to STDs to daddy issues) is aired out for all to see, and where people don't read books, can't write in full sentences, and wear see-through "Onionskin jeans" because nothing (and I mean NOTHING) is sacred.

Perhaps it was to cleanse my palate from such a hard-to-digest image that is frighteningly both over the top AND oddly realistic, I found this:

The Original Tree String at Hickoree's Hard Goods, $45. So simple. So uncomplicated. So unlike see-through jeans.

Aaaaah. Now that's more like it.

Cool Buy: Broome Mercury Lamp @ Jayson Home

I've written about how much I love mercury glass. Like, I LOVE IT. In fact, on my Etsy shop I sold a pair of gorgeous mercury glass candle holders and I had to force myself not to email the buyer at the last minute, making up some sort of dramatic family-related reason for why I couldn't possibly sell them. ("It's all I have left!") But I let them go because admitting you have a problem is the first step toward finding the solution.

But this....well, this is problematic:

The $245 Broome Mercury Lamp from Jayson Home. Sure I don't NEED lamps. But I also don't need mac-n-cheese as a side dish to pizza, but that didn't stop me from indulging in that heartburn-inducing combo just this very evening.

Sigh...I'm stepping away from the laptop. (and grabbing some Tums)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cool Buy: Vintage Shell Sculpture Wall Art @ Etsy

This is why I love Etsy. Where else would you find something like this?

I'm amazed by the detail on this totally folky-meets-kitschy wall hanging, and the bright orange backdrop is! I love the idea of this piece hanging in a grouping of mismatched art surrounded by charcoal sketches and black and white photos.

I also speak from experience when I say that this seller ( is great! I bought a trio of Smurfs from him (don't ask...only on Etsy!) and when he learned they were a gift, he offered to wrap them and write a note.

So show him a little love and check out his wares. You won't be disappointed!

(Oh, and buy the birds! They're great!)

Cool Buy: I Think I Canopy Jewelry Stand @

I have a lot of jewelry. None of it's expensive or particularly fancy. I simply can't stay away from the Forever 21 bauble section even though their clothes are designed for someone half my age. I'm a sucker for long necklaces, bangles, and sparkly earrings. My sparklies are practically pouring out of the top drawer of my dresser. This would be a significantly cuter way to display my jewels:

$29.99 at

Mea culpa...

Hi, readers!
Sorry I have been totally MIA lately. It's been a kooky couple of weeks. But I've been thinking of you. Really, I have. So I'm going to make it up to you. Cool Casa is double dipping all week.

That's right! Two posts per day! YEE HAW! More junk for you to look at, think about buying, maybe buy, maybe return, maybe tell your friends about, maybe think I've lost my dang mind about, etc.

It's gonna be AWESOME. AWESOME I SAY! Or maybe self-indulgent? Hmm...there's a fine line. But keep in mind: I share because I care.

Happy reading! (and thanks for coming back!)