Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cool Buy: Westmore Lighting 3-Bulb Chandelier @ Lowes

Yes. I did say Lowes. As in, the home improvement store.

Listen, I'm a huge fan of unique finds and splurge purchases, but let's get real. Not everyone has $2300 to spend on a feathered chandelier. ( can be so unfair) For those of us who live in the real world where mortgages need to get paid and the fridge needs to be filled, check out this super cool option from Lowes:

This is a good looking lighting solution for $432.

If you're looking for lighting, don't forget to check Lowes. They have some great stuff that can easily blend in with your super chic decor making it look like you spent a million bucks. Here are a few of my other favorites (click on the images to see more info):



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