Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool Buy: Emma Feather Pendant @ Jayson Home

Talk about absolutely impractical, overpriced, and totally unecessary. And fabulous. So friggin' awesomely fabulous it hurts my eyes.

It's a lamp. Made out of feathers. And it's $2,295.

I love it. I would seriously consider selling a kidney or some other secondary organ (anyone need an appendix? Does a spleen really DO anything?) for one of these.  I may have to try to replicate it on the cheap. Stay tuned, readers. This DIYer is feeling crafy.


  1. daaammmnnn... i love me some jayson's, but that bitch is pricey! did you get the new catalog? we're wanting to convince our home appraiser that peeling plaster walls is so in right now. do you think they'll be convinced?

  2. Please don't say you're considering stealing a swan from the zoo for this little DIY project.