Friday, September 2, 2011

Before & After: Bathtub Refinishing

In my fantasy world I have an unlimited home improvement budget. (I also have a superhuman metabolism and I can fly, but that's neither here nor there) In my REAL world I do not have any of those things. What I do have is the number for AAA Electrostatic Paint Company in Omaha, NE.

Friends, if you have an old, tired bathroom like mine but the idea of spending $2,000 on a new tub is just as realistic as the idea of being cast as the next Real Housewife of [INSERT CITY HERE], then look into electrostatic paint.

Here are some before pictures of my tub:

Festive, no?

Here it is now:

The entire process took about four hours and cost about $265.

Is the bathroom perfect now? No. Is it better and brighter and less Brady Bunchesque? Yes.

I could've also had them do the wall tile but I sort of dig the gray. Can't wait to accessorize!

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