Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UNCOOL BUY: Reonelli Bed @ Chiasso

Scroll up for a minute. See how I said I would try to focus on the good and keep the ugly to a minimum? I think I've been pretty good about it. But I can no longer keep that muzzle on. What in the name of Tony Montana is this?

A giant, round, black leather bed. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to any of you readers who have always wanted a round bed but have struggled with finding round sheets and now VOILA! Your dream bed awaits! It's hideous. It's the kind of thing you'd see at a seedy 1970s motel. The champagne glass-shaped hot tub would be in the opposite corner. Or worse, it's the kind of thing you'd see in some middle-aged life-crisis-having bachelor pad. It requires zebra or leopard satin sheets. And Lysol. SO MUCH LYSOL.

$1298 and it comes in white. Eeeew. Sorry, Chiasso. You make many pretty things but this isn't one of them. But just to show how benevolent and forgiving I am, here are a few things I DO like from this month's catalog:

Peacock Pillow, $48.

Dance Step Doormat, $28.
Priority Mailbox, $78.

And in case you're wondering if there is ever a round bed I would approve of, the answer is YES:

Now THAT'S delicious design.

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