Friday, August 26, 2011

Design Idea: Jars of Stuff

I love Ball jars. I don't know what my fascination is, but any time I see a Ball jar filled with something other than jelly, I get happy. Sitting on my desk right now I have an old jar filled with marbles. I have never played marbles but boy do I love my jar of 'em. I've also seen them filled with old spools of thread, vintage buttons or matchbooks and sea shells. Love, love, love and love.

While on vacation in the Outer Banks - my daughter's first trip to the beach - my husband polished off a jar of preserves. (the man likes his jelly) Seeing that empty Ball jar sitting on the counter was like seeing a world of possibilities open up before my very eyes.

Okay perhaps that was a bit dramatic. But I was pumped and I had a great idea for the perfect souvenir to remind us of that special trip.

That evening on the beach with my daughter and hubby (and Design Assistant Magnus, of course), I started picking up small white smooth stones. Three days later I had this:

The jar is now sitting on our bookshelf along with my husband's collection of surf books:

Every time I look at it I'll remember that trip and how happy little C was while frolicking in the surf.

I think it's a much better memento than oh, say, this:

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