Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stately Playhouses @

I loved this article in today's New York Times Home section about super deluxe playhouses. We have an adorable playhouse in our yard that arrived on the back of a truck, from Virginia, courtesy of my fab in-laws. Ceci loves it. So does every other child who comes over to play. And as much as I love our playhouse and think it is all kinds of adorable, these houses take things to a whole other level.

Take this one for example:

Photo courtesy of
It's a two-story, 170-square foot Cape Cod that features a 32-inch flat screen in the upstairs living room (complete with mini couches and chairs), stainless steel working sink and fridge/freezer combo in the kitchen (stocked with juiceboxes and popsicles, naturally) and vaulted ceilings. In Manhattan this place would rent for $1700/month, not including utilities. (No joke, when I lived in Manhattan I had a friend who rented a 100 square foot studio with a tiny window that looked out at a dingy brick wall. The place could've easily doubled as crack den set in an episode of Law & Order. She paid $1100/month. Location, location, location. Or something.)

I think it's nicer than my house. Click here to see more!


  1. i think i am appalled by this playhouse, it is so so SO. that said, i laughed out loud at the description at your friend's studio in NYC. sounds frighteningly familiar to MY studio in NYC. location, location, location was awesome though.

  2. these are insane and so creepy! yet, i'm inspired to turn our playhouse into pure awesomeness. right now it's just you typical 1890's queen elizabeth victorian style playhouse. so boring. and don't get me started on the red carpeting and small loft area....