Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cool Buy: Teak Stool @ Design Within Reach

Oh how I long to be able to have a simple nightstand like this one from Design Within Reach:


This doesn't work for me because I require lots of stuff on my nightstand. My book du jour, a good reading lamp, Mary Kay Mint Bliss Foot Lotion (seriously...amazing), Vicks Vaporub (to which I have a strange addiction...admitting it is the first step), and flashlight (I'm prepared to make a break for the basement).

Also I kind of just want someone to cut a slab of tree for me so I don't have to shell out $400 for this (admittedly beautiful) piece of teak. Anyone? Anyone?


  1. i know it's a little different, but have you not seen the bagillion tree stumps in my front yard? there's one with your name on it! or, you could just buy this west elm stump for $200:

  2. I have oe of those stumps but I need someone to help me do something to it. It is so pretty!