Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cool Buy: Jonsbo Egby Table Lamp @ Ikea

My mom was looking for a small lamp for a very small and ladylike secretary she has in her living room. Mom lives in Florida and was hoping to make her living room feel a bit more airy and beach-inspired. She was thinking high end. I was thinking bargain-palooza. At Ikea I found this adorable little guy:

For $19.99 this is a whole lotta lamp. And she loves it. The pale green is reminiscent of beach glass, and the lamp is also available in a pale pink, clear and solid white. The solid white and clear bases aren't as good looking as the colored glass - to be frank, they look a little cheap while the green and pink bases look like they could be a little more expensive. (I just call 'em like I see 'em, folks)

But the lamp is the perfect pop of light and airy color for what was a slightly stodgy and formal looking corner in my mom's otherwise lovely and welcoming home.

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