Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Score! My new chair.

I told you that my husband was on the hunt for the perfect comfy chair for our basement (which is being day....someday...please!). He had his eye on an Eames lounger but because all our money is going toward drywall and electrical outlets, that classic piece is a bit out of our price range. And honestly, as much as I'd like to believe that I'm the kind of person who would spend $4,000 on a chair, I really am not. I'm the queen of bargain hunting. And that's why I was PSYCHED to find this little number at a local antique mall:

Granted, the fabric is HORRID. And itchy. But dang is this puppy comfortable. It was $65 so I couldn't resist. I somehow wrangled it to my car with Baby C in tow. (don't mess with a mommy on a mission)

Here's the catch. I took it to an upholsterer to get a price quote. $620. So my $65 chair has now become an almost $700 chair. Yikes. It'll be worth it - it'll look exactly as I want it to. My advice to you is this. Unless you have an unlimited home design budget (in which case I am SO jealous), when you're looking to reupholster something, make sure you pick a fabric that is classic enough that you won't be sick of it in a year. Otherwise that flea market find won't be such a bargain after all!

I'll post pictures of the finished product but it could be awhile!

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