Sunday, June 5, 2011

Footloose Design

I was just reading an interview with Kevin Bacon where he says that producers thought he wasn't hunky enough to star in Footloose. I beg to differ:

I've watched Footloose 700 times. I don't think I'm exaggerating but I may be off by a dozen or so viewings. I can't hear that Kenny Loggins jam without dancing. I once danced to Footloose in the waiting area of a Jiffy Lube. True story.

This has always been my favorite scene. Not surprisingly, it involves glitter:

I'm thinking for my next bithday party I may have to recreate this dance scene. I'll start by buying these Home Frosted Globe String Lights from Target! Only $12.99 to recreate a little piece of pop culture history? Well worth it.


  1. sounds like the same kind of relationship i have with teen wolf. except, no dancing in jeffy lube. just watching michael j. fox blow dry his furry face while getting ready for prom has me laughing for hours. i might go watch it right now!

  2. oh man, CLASSIC. speaking of michael j. fox, I also want to boogie whenver I hear Johnny B. Goode from Back to the Future. oh and how about THIS one??