Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Yard Sale Find: 1930s Do/More Industrial Swivel Chair

I am WAY psyched about this one. Check out what I purchased for $1.50 at a church yard sale this weekend (and allow me to apologize - after 20 minutes of cursing at the computer I can't figure out how to rotate this friggin' photo):

This bad boy is a Do/More Posture Chair from the 1930s. It was manufactured in Elkhorn, Indiana by the Do/More Company (which still makes great office chairs) and was marketed as posture service chair for "seated occupations." Ours even came with a certificate of authenticity on the bottom of the chair.

I don't plan on doing anything to this chair other than wiping it down. I love the rugged industrial look of it and can't wait to find a place for it in our home!


  1. I am SO jealous! This is fabulous! I wouldn't have done anything to it either. It's perfect.

  2. My grandfather sold DoMore chairs, in fact in his time he was the top salesman. We have a number of them, enjoy yours! If adjusted properly, (you know I heard about this all my childhood) the chair is designed to improve posture and make prolonged desk time more tolerable.

  3. So cool, Cheryl! It's a great piece...and so comfortable. A little piece of history in my home.