Monday, June 6, 2011

Cool Buy: Tripod Table @ West Elm

I love small spaces. I once shared an apartment in Manhattan with two women, and for the sake of privacy I turned my tiny 90 square foot bedroom into a sort of studio apartment. Bed, couch, nightstands, TV, bookshelves, lamps, etc. I loved that place! And because I love tiny spaces, I'm always drawn to furniture that's designed to make the most of the least. Like this awesome Tripod Table from West Elm:

It's currently on sale for $169 and is available in three colors. It's a great bistro table (paired with some modern chairs, perhaps?) for a small kitchen or apartment without room for a formal dining space. It could double as a side table and small desk in a living room. Or even as nightstands in a larger bedroom. Pair it with some cute (and cheap! $60!) scoop back chairs from West Elm and you've got a whole lotta fun in one tiny package.

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