Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cool Buy: Mobile Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinet @ School Outfitters

I love using furniture in unintended ways so I was pretty excited to find this piece on a web site dedicated to furniture for schools.

The Tall Mobile Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinet from will run you about $940. The larger model which features 36 trays (and no shelves) is $1169.99. Both come in a variety of colors and both are perfect for a bedroom (think modern lingerie cabinet, storage for accessories, or for handbags and scarves), an office (supplies! gift wrap! glue guns! spray paint! glitter!), a garage (um...screws and other assorted man things?), or a kids room (more glitter!).

I'm tempted to purchase one for my living room instead of a traditional buffet because I think it'd be a great place to store linens and dishes. Another great feature? The optional lock you can add for $16, a worthwhile investment if you need to keep little hands away from your grandmother's china, or liquor bottles away from less-than-responsible baby sitters. Not that we have any experience in that arena.

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  1. i love this! this is so practical and cool looking. good find!