Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool Buy: Flatiron Desk @ Restoration Hardware

I've been on the hunt for a new desk for the soon-to-be finished basement. I want something with lots of work space because I am usually parked at my laptop with various documents, newspaper and magazine clippings, and miscellaneous papeleo, or piles of unexplained paper junk, as my abuela Mima would say. Check out the Flatiron Desk at Restoration Hardware:

$795-$1095, depending on the size. It's made of reclaimed elm doors and cast iron, so I'm sure it weighs a million pounds. I'm also sure I would injure myself trying to get it down into the basement. But I think it'd be worth it, don't you?


  1. This is really creepy - I was looking at this exact desk last week. It's awesome. But if you can find a similar version that's less than a grand, it would be even awesomer.

  2. love it! though, i've got an idea to share with you!!