Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cool Buy: Cleveland Sofa @ Organic Modernism

If I were hip and single and lived in a great loft I would buy this Cleveland sofa in a New York minute:

$1,075. I said "single" because I'm fairly certain my husband wouldn't let this couch within 500 feet of our home. And it's not so much because it's fuchsia. (which is the best part) It's more because it doesn't LOOK all that comfortable. Looks can be deceiving, of course, but in this case I don't think he'd even be willing to give it a whirl. Anyone else willing to give it a try?

Cool Buy: Striped Plunger @ Alice Supply Co.

I love it when someone takes a household object that we just assume has to be ugly, and makes it pretty and functional at the same time. Look at this great plunger from Alice Supply Co.

$20. I can't promise this will make a stopped-up toilet a FUN thing, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool Buy: Flatiron Desk @ Restoration Hardware

I've been on the hunt for a new desk for the soon-to-be finished basement. I want something with lots of work space because I am usually parked at my laptop with various documents, newspaper and magazine clippings, and miscellaneous papeleo, or piles of unexplained paper junk, as my abuela Mima would say. Check out the Flatiron Desk at Restoration Hardware:

$795-$1095, depending on the size. It's made of reclaimed elm doors and cast iron, so I'm sure it weighs a million pounds. I'm also sure I would injure myself trying to get it down into the basement. But I think it'd be worth it, don't you?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cool Buy: Left Twist Cube @ Design Within Reach

Architect Frank Gehry is one of my idols. The man is a genius. How else can you explain buildings like these:
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Binocular Building in Venice, CA

Dancing House in Prague

I love this man so much that the idea that I, too, can have a little Gehry in my house makes me very, very happy. Check out these Gehry-designed Left Twist Cubes:

$250 and available in eight colors. They're weatherproof and perfect for adding color to an outdoor space, but I've got my eye on that orange one for my basement.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cool Buy: Stylish Stuff @

My pal and fellow blogger The Retail Bitch is selling her wares. No this isn't some "I stripped to pay my way through college" situation. The RB is constantly scouring the globe for fabulously stylish vintage finds and the girl only has so much closet space and she can't stop shopping. So she's seeking out and offering up to you, fair readers, some of the awesome goodies she unearths. Here are a selection of pieces she'll be talking about this week:

I'm eyeballing that adorable clutch (I think it's a clutch?) and the flatware so if you want them you'd better snatch them up before I pounce.

Cool Buy: Dangi Fort Shower Curtain @ Gracious Home

I know glass shower enclosures are all the rage and super elegant. But I can't help love a shower curtain. They're so soft and pretty. And can a shower door ever double as art? I'm going to say no, even though I'm sure some celebrity has some $20,000 hand blown stained glass shower door that would prove me wrong. Since I haven't seen that magical door I'll stick to my guns.

Exhibit A: the Dangi Fort Shower Curtain designed by John Robshaw:

$125. It's fabulous, isn't it? Here's a less expensive option that can achieve the same feel (albeit with a little bit more of a youthful feel...not that that's a bad thing.). The Skyline shower curtain by DwellStudio.

$66. Cute!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cool Buy: Hanging Rattan Chair @ Lamshop

These lovely ladies are livin' the dream. Well maybe not THE dream, but A dream. A dream of mine, at least. They have a fabulous boutique of vintage and new furniture in North Carolina. And every now and then you'll find the most amazing thing on their web site. Like THIS:

I just love the look of this hanging rattan basket chair. And it's on sale! SALE! $212.50. I want it. Where would I put it?

That's it. I need a bigger house.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cool Buy: Finnia Curtain @ Anthropologie

How fun are these Finnia Curtains from Anthropologie?

$128-$188. They make me want a mai tai and a pair of flip flops. Know what else does? This:

Sigh. The curtains are probably easier to come by.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cool Buy: Deco Table Lamp @ Chiasso

Lighting can really make or break a room. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it's true. Not only do you need the right amount of lighting (task lighting in an office or a kitchen, lights on dimmers in a bedroom or living room, etc.) but you also need the right light fixture. Here's an awesome deco table lamp I found on

$138, a pretty good price. Check out some of the other lamps on the site. Could be a nice refresh for your space!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Score! My new chair.

I told you that my husband was on the hunt for the perfect comfy chair for our basement (which is being day....someday...please!). He had his eye on an Eames lounger but because all our money is going toward drywall and electrical outlets, that classic piece is a bit out of our price range. And honestly, as much as I'd like to believe that I'm the kind of person who would spend $4,000 on a chair, I really am not. I'm the queen of bargain hunting. And that's why I was PSYCHED to find this little number at a local antique mall:

Granted, the fabric is HORRID. And itchy. But dang is this puppy comfortable. It was $65 so I couldn't resist. I somehow wrangled it to my car with Baby C in tow. (don't mess with a mommy on a mission)

Here's the catch. I took it to an upholsterer to get a price quote. $620. So my $65 chair has now become an almost $700 chair. Yikes. It'll be worth it - it'll look exactly as I want it to. My advice to you is this. Unless you have an unlimited home design budget (in which case I am SO jealous), when you're looking to reupholster something, make sure you pick a fabric that is classic enough that you won't be sick of it in a year. Otherwise that flea market find won't be such a bargain after all!

I'll post pictures of the finished product but it could be awhile!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Steals & Deals: Daily Deals Sites

Confession time. I am obsessed with daily deal web sites that offer bargains on home furnishings and accessories. Each morning I sit at my computer waiting for the daily emails to arrive and then I click on them as quickly as possible to be sure that I won't miss out on something fabulous that I never knew I wanted. Here are my three favorites - click on the logos to visit the page and sign up:

 Today's deals included these two awesome finds:
Slick Cube Occasional Table - $89.95

Woven Diamond Sprout and White Indoor / Outdoor Rug - 6' x 9' - $298.95

Today's deals included:

12X18 Lobster Pillow - $79    

Marquetry Box with Pineapple Finial - $149         

Today's deals include:
36" Mercer Club Chair in Queen Pewter - $550
41" Astro Wall Mirror - $139

Cool Yard Sale Find: 1930s Do/More Industrial Swivel Chair

I am WAY psyched about this one. Check out what I purchased for $1.50 at a church yard sale this weekend (and allow me to apologize - after 20 minutes of cursing at the computer I can't figure out how to rotate this friggin' photo):

This bad boy is a Do/More Posture Chair from the 1930s. It was manufactured in Elkhorn, Indiana by the Do/More Company (which still makes great office chairs) and was marketed as posture service chair for "seated occupations." Ours even came with a certificate of authenticity on the bottom of the chair.

I don't plan on doing anything to this chair other than wiping it down. I love the rugged industrial look of it and can't wait to find a place for it in our home!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Songs About Home: Homeward Bound

Here's a song from one of my favorite musical groups of all time. (my daughter is named after one of their songs)

Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel. Happy Monday!

Cool Buy: Economy Kitchen Worktable @

I've always wanted a kitchen island and I'm beginning to think I could squeeze a small one into my kitchen if I wanted to. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

If you have the space, how about snatching up this super affordable industrial kitchen worktable from a commercial kitchen supply company:

$177.09 for 30"X60" of added workspace. Fill the bottom with stacked colorful dishes or baskets filled with linens...and then invite me over for some dinner, will ya?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cool Buy: Bentwood Settee @ Bauhaus 2 Your House

All I want in my kitchen (other than new tile, a new stove, new backsplash, new countertops, etc.) is banquette seating in the corner. I find banquettes to be warm and inviting, practical and space saving. I'm always looking for banquet seating ideas and have become obsessed with the idea of using a settee on one side of the banquette equation. Maybe a built-in piece with storage on the other side, or maybe just a pair of slim chairs.

Now whenever I see a settee (sort of like a loveseat but without arms and very streamlined) I immediately picture it in my kitchen. This fantastic Bentwood Settee from Bauhaus 2 Your House is no exception:

$1694 for a bit of a French feel, no? It'd look great in an entryway, at the foot of a bed, or, of course, in a kitchen banquette set-up! The obsession continues...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cool Buy: Capiz Blossom Pendant @ PBTeen

Okay ONE MORE PBTeen post and I promise I'll stop. But how great are these Capiz Blossom Pendant lights?

Look how cute they look bunched in a group of three:

$129 a piece. So soft and pretty. I may have to find a place for them in my beachy basement.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Apartment Therapy Post: Designing in Awkward Spaces

I loved this post on Apartment Therapy about design ideas for awkward spaces. At the moment I'm planning a layout for my basement which will be full of soffits that I cannot avoid. If you have an attic space with sloping walls, or weird cut outs in your room, check out these photos for some inspiration. Here's my favorite as I'm a sucker for lots of bookcases:

Cool Buy: Clothespin String of Lights @ PBTeen

I've never shopped at Pottery Barn Teen. Actually I didn't even know it existed. But it does and they have a lot of cute stuff. Sure sure, I'm probably not the right demographic, but I think of it as popping into the juniors' section of my local department store. I'm in my 30s and I can't always bring myself to head straight to the women's section. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Back to PBTeen. Look what I found!

Clothespin String of Lights, just $19 (albeit for a 7.5" strand of 10 lights). I would hang these in Baby C's room to display photos or art projects. Or maybe even over a desk with some vintage postcards and black and white family photos.

See? Sometimes it pays to not act your age.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cool Buy: Kamala Dinnerware @ Anthropologie

I love hosting dinner parties. If I had more storage space in my house I would fill it with plates and napkins and napkin rings and serving dishes galore. It's probably for the best that I DON'T have more storage space. But a girl can dream, right?

If I had a liiiiiiiittle more room I would load up on these amazing Kamala plates from Anthropologie:

$12-$18 a piece.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cool Buy: Octopus Garden Wallpaper @ Anthropologie

So here's the thing. I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper. The hate part stems from the fact that we had to remove A LOT of the stuff when we bought our house. Our kitchen used to look like this:

Let's see a close-up of that wallpaper, shall we?


We spent WEEKS peeling wallpaper and scraping glue and cleaning surfaces in our kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, etc. I cursed the masochistic jerk who invented wallpaper. I swore I would never use it anywhere in any home, because I wouldn't want anyone to suffer the agony of wallpaper removal as I did.

But here's where the love part comes in. It can be SO pretty when used sparingly and dramatically. That's why I had to post this Octopus Garden Wallpaper from Anthropologie which I think would look AMAZING in a powder room:

For more powder room wallpaper decorating ideas, check out this post from The Decorologist. I'll even help you put it up. But whatever you do, don't ask me to help you take it down.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love it when Nate Berkus agrees with me.

Here's a screen shot from yesterday's Nate Berkus show:

See the white tripod table? Does it look familiar?

I love it when I'm right.

Cool Buy: Chakki @ Serena & Lily

What IS a Chakki? I asked myself that same question this morning. And here's the answer:

Ooooooh. "A cross between an ottoman and a stool," they write. It's also available in walnut and with 12 possible fabric options. A little pricey at $450 but this is definitely a character piece. Use it to break up that matchy-matchy chair/ottoman set you own and make it look like pieces acquired over time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Songs about home: Pink Houses

I'm always looking up random songs on iTunes and YouTube so I thought I'd share by posting a weekly song about home. Starting it all out with Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp. Happy Monday, everyone!

Cool Buy: Tripod Table @ West Elm

I love small spaces. I once shared an apartment in Manhattan with two women, and for the sake of privacy I turned my tiny 90 square foot bedroom into a sort of studio apartment. Bed, couch, nightstands, TV, bookshelves, lamps, etc. I loved that place! And because I love tiny spaces, I'm always drawn to furniture that's designed to make the most of the least. Like this awesome Tripod Table from West Elm:

It's currently on sale for $169 and is available in three colors. It's a great bistro table (paired with some modern chairs, perhaps?) for a small kitchen or apartment without room for a formal dining space. It could double as a side table and small desk in a living room. Or even as nightstands in a larger bedroom. Pair it with some cute (and cheap! $60!) scoop back chairs from West Elm and you've got a whole lotta fun in one tiny package.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Footloose Design

I was just reading an interview with Kevin Bacon where he says that producers thought he wasn't hunky enough to star in Footloose. I beg to differ:

I've watched Footloose 700 times. I don't think I'm exaggerating but I may be off by a dozen or so viewings. I can't hear that Kenny Loggins jam without dancing. I once danced to Footloose in the waiting area of a Jiffy Lube. True story.

This has always been my favorite scene. Not surprisingly, it involves glitter:

I'm thinking for my next bithday party I may have to recreate this dance scene. I'll start by buying these Home Frosted Globe String Lights from Target! Only $12.99 to recreate a little piece of pop culture history? Well worth it.

Celebrity Casas: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was incredible. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she was one striking woman:

And she most certainly had her own sense of style. That's why I was really excited to see that this month's Architectural Digest features photos of her Bel-Air home.

Here's my favorite room - her dressing room:

The sketches on the wall are costume designs from one of her movies with long-time love Richard Burton. Look at the soft lavender carpet...doesn't it look like you should walk around wearing only these slippers?

You can see more photos by clicking here. Enjoy!