Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who Knew?: Ghana Movie Posters

My husband always finds the most interesting stuff online. Today he introduced me to movie posters from Ghana. Apparently back in the 80s Hollywood-style movies were hard to come by in African villages. When the VHS was created, entreprenurial Ghanans created mobile theaters, TVs and VCRs in the back of trucks. For a small fee people could sit and watch a bootleg tape of a film. To promote the films, they hired local artists to hand-paint posters on the back of flour sacks. Today you can purchase these original posters for a few hundred dollars each.

These posters are fantastic. And gross. Well, they're not all gross but some of the horror movie posters are down right gruesome! Here are some of my favorites.

Cujo...aw, why so sad puppy? Oh wait, that's blood, not tears:

House Party...a classic film. And I'm pretty sure I had that exact outfit on the right.

My favorite. The Spy Who Love Me...not LOVED her. He just plain love her. And who wouldn't? That is one sexy chica...or chico? Hard to tell.

Want more? Need one for you living room? Click here to get all the Ghanan movie posters you can handle!

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