Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thinking of Zsa Zsa

I just read that Zsa Zsa Gabor has slipped into a coma after battling health issues for some time. I'm so sad. I have always loved Zsa Zsa. Everything about her was simply delicious and regal. And I'm not saying the woman made a deal with the Devil or anything, but she has remained gorgeous throughout her 94 years.

Exhibit A from

I'm not sure when this photo was taken but she's obviously a young and stunning woman. Now fast forward to LAST YEAR. LAST YEAR WHEN SHE WAS 93 YEARS OLD. NINETY THREE!

That is one foxy senior citizen, right? Look, I'm not suggesting she didn't have work done, I'm simply saying I don't care. She looks amazing!

So of course I was curious to know how a diva like Zsa Zsa decorates and our friends at satisfied my curiosity. Check out this dining room:

I friggin' LOVE these dining chairs. I would reupholster them in a New York minute but I love them. And the gold horse head on the table? It's SO RIGHT for Zsa Zsa's house, no? Click here for more photos.

Hang in there, Zsa Zsa. Any woman who can slap a policeman without any remorse is one tough cookie.


  1. LOVE it. Esp. the orange/blue combo.

  2. Too bad she married such a nut job! That dude is insane! Fun to see you have a blog, Denise!!

  3. Agree, Liv! TMZ was calling him Prince Von A-hole.