Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Collection

Do you collect anything? I'll admit I've never been much of a collector. I am the queen of purging, especially these days when it feels like my house has been overrun by baby stuff. My husband collects old paperback trashy novels. Here is one he purchased the other day:

Cute. Colorful. They don't take up a TON of room for which I am thankful.

As for me, I do have one weakness. These:

My obsession with vintage seltzer bottles began when I visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the San Telmo flea market (every Sunday) I passed several stands displaying these brightly colored glass souveniers. Here's a photo I snapped at the market:

Amazing, right? At the time I'd stuffed my suitcase full of leather goods and cookies (cookies win out over just about anything) so I didn't have any room left for even ONE teensy tiny seltzer bottle. I was so sad. So very very sad. And then my fabulous mother-in-law found two at a Charlotte flea market and sent them to me for my birthday.

A year later my dad was on a business trip in Buenos Aires and managed to bring back two more. The fifth bottle I found at an antique mall in Omaha.

But the key to collections is displaying them in a way that makes them look organized and beautiful. For books I'm a huge fan of the Array Silver Bookcase, $189 from CB2.
The actual bookshelf part almost disappears when it's loaded with books, making your collection the center of attention. Plus it takes up hardly any room so you can squeeze it in anywhere.

As for my seltzer bottles, I'm still looking. But I love the idea of pairing the bright colors of the bottles with something sort of industrial looking, like this:

The Hancock Carbon Bookcase, also by CB2, a steal at $199.

Any other suggestions?


  1. what in the dilly dally dbp? i didn't know you had this cool casa? i always admire those selzter bottles when we come over and actually like where you have them now. but, an industrial mash-up is way cool too. bludot console in ivory, maybe?