Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well hello, friends! Some of you may remember me from my last short-lived blog project: http://www.theranchproject.blogspot.com/. We had such a good time documenting all the work we did on the ranch house we purchased after moving to Omaha from Los Angeles. The work continues. And not just because the house is a friggin' money pit, but also because I can't sit in my living room without feeling the urge to rearrange my furniture.

Sound familiar? You complete me.

So anywho we've been really busy. And not just with plumbing and spray paint and wall decals, but also with this:

Yep. I made a baby. She's my best project to date. And now that the shock of becoming a parent (gulp!) has worn off (mostly) I am ready to start blogging again. Hooray!
So hold onto your hats and bookmark this page because it's time to talk design! Ciao for now!

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