Monday, May 30, 2011

Etsy is KILLING ME. is what I like to call iCrack. I can't...I just can't go on to this web site. I can easily imagine myself selling things in sketchy back alleys (the family silver, a kidney, plasma) to feed my addiction. Which is why I can't start. Because once I start it'll be a slippery slope. I won't be able to pay the mortgage but I'll have one of these:

Printers Drawer Jewelry Display - $98

And one of these:

Custom Repurposed Vintage Steel Locker Console - $745
 And maybe also some of these because they make me happy:

Handmade Wooden Folk Art Nesting Dolls - $120
 Do NOT get me started on the children's clothes. SERIOUSLY. DO NOT.


  1. those nesting dolls are seriously amazing! as for the printer drawers, i'll bet you could find something similar locally. Second Chance, downstairs, maybe?

  2. RB, I saw one of these for a mere $30 at the Brass Armadillo but I didn't buy it because I had a moment of indecision. I feel the need to put something cool in it...and alas, I have nothing tiny and/or interesting enough to display. But I'm going to keep thinking about it because ONE DAY I will have one of these.