Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cool Buy: Mermaid Linen Pillow @ ABC Home

I could spend an entire weekend at ABC Home & Carpet in New York. If I'm being honest, I have fantasized about hiding out in a bathroom stall and waiting for all the staff to leave to so I can have the place to myself overnight. Sort of like the movie Mannequin but without cutie Andrew McCarthy and a hilariously flambouyant sidekick like Meshach Taylor, aka Hollywood Montrose.

Wow. Tangent, party of one!

Where was I? Oh yes. ABC Home is an incredible, incredible store and if you're ever in Manhattan you should pop in and check it out.

Check it out because they have stuff like this Mermaid Linen Pillow by Kevin O'Brien:
It's $148, made of 100% linen and hand printed in Nepal. NEPAL. That's why it's so expensive. Sometimes when I ship things to my sister in Florida it's like $20 or more. Imagine the cost of shipping all the way from Nepal!

Anyway this isn't about me. This is about you. And you need this pillow. Trust me.

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