Friday, May 20, 2011

Cool Buy: Casbah Rug @ CB2

I have made many good decisions in my life.

I invested in racerback bras after my sister explained (in her sisterly way) that visible bra straps with a tank top are totally whiskey tango. (my friend's slightly less offensive code for white trash)

I stopped coloring the living daylights out of my hair when I could not longer afford $400 colorist sessions and instead was turning to someone who may or may not have been using straight Clorox on my hair.

I bought a neutral colored sofa even though I really wanted a green and white print one that I absolutely would've been sick of by now.

But perhaps one of the best decisions I ever made was purchasing an indoor/outdoor rug for under my dining table. In fact I wish I would've done that in every room of my house. The beauty of an indoor/outdoor rug is that it's meant to withstand the elements. In my home the "elements" include Design Assistant Magnus' love of Baby C's cheddar bunnies and subsequent puking of cheddar bunnies under the dining room table. But with an indoor/outdoor rug I can quite literally hose off the mess.

These days indoor/outdoor rugs come in all sorts of patterns and materials. Here's mine:

And FYI, I got it at Tuesday Morning for around $100 so we're not talking big bucks here. In fact, here's another fab find that I just love and will be finding a place for in my own home:

The Casbah Rug from CB2. It's 5X8 and just $79.95...a great price for a pop of color that can withstand even the toughest cheddar bunnies.


  1. too coincidental? i have the Casbah rug in the violet & yellow in my basement, never used, in 6x9 size. know anyone that might want to buy it?

    here's a piccy:

  2. Oh,'s fabulous. I am SO tempted. SO SO SO tempted. Where the heck would I put it?? Um...

  3. i was just looking at this yesterday! i love it. retailbitch, i am so tempted too!

  4. do you still have the rug available retailbitch? if so, whats the condition? price?

  5. gloriosa315, yes i do. it is still in its shipment packaging, unopened and brand new. i bought it from Fab Habitat thinking i would use it on my deck but have opted to go in different style direction. on Fab Habitat's site, the total cost would be $129.95 ($108 + 21.95 shipping), what if i said $89 + shipping? you can email me directly at if you'd like. thanks for asking and Cool Casa thanks for facilitating in your comments.

  6. wait, wait, gloriosa315 when i was driving to the hardware store i realized that i meant $89 total. shipping included. $89 and it's yours. apologies on being confusing, i hadn't had my coffee yet.