Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cool Buy: Amalfi Bench @ Grandin Road

Last summer I was on the hunt for the perfect bench for our front porch. Long story short, I didn't find the perfect bench so I ended up with an OKAY bench that I punched up with colorful outdoor pillows. Meh.

Today I found the perfect bench. Check out The Amalfi Bench from GrandinRoad.com:

It's $199 and comes in three colors - black, dark red, and pesto which is my favorite. For those of us who live in places with dreary winters, imagine having this fun pop of color outside of your house year round. It's a happy bench. I like happy benches.

And since I'm all about options, here's another great choice from Grandin Road. The Meridian Bench which comes in the absolute funnest Easter-egg inspired colors. Hey, Grammar Police? I know funnest isn't a real word but I like to use it anyway. So sue me. Now back to the funnest bench:

This bench is $399 which is not a bad price, but you can see why at $199 the Amalfi Bench is such a steal.

Consider it a little touch of spring year round. Come January you'll thank me.

Oh, and I'm TOTALLY going to paint my bench this week. After seeing these colorful options I can no longer live with basic black!

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