Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cool Baby: Pillow Pillow Pillow

My daughter loves Design Assistant Magnus. She actually calls him Mamo which sounds an awful lot like mama. I walked into her room after naptime one afternoon and was met with cries of joy: "mamo, mamo, mamo!" I thought she was excited to see me until I noticed her chubby little finger pointing at D.A. Magnus. I can't blame her. He is pretty dang cute.

Anyway, as I was saying, the child loves dogs so I was pretty excited when I found these adorable pooch pillows by Pillow Pillow Pillow:

There are dozens of breeds to choose from so whether you're a labrador fan or a pug lover (or even a cat person!), you're sure to find one you love. Baby C loves to chew on her chihuahua's ears and hugs her big sheepdog every chance she gets. As for D.A. Magnus, he's pretty fast and not a fan of hugging so she's limited to getting close to him in other ways:

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  1. what in the world dbp!?! i was just looking at those pillows the other day and loving them. look at baby C, she is so advanced! lg calls our dog "hi" and calls me "hi" and his dad "dada."