Monday, May 23, 2011

Celeb Casas: Elvis's Graceland

This weekend I went to Memphis for a family wedding. It was a lovely and elegant affair. Know what was slightly less elegant? The shuttle bus to Graceland.

Oh you KNOW I was not going to miss that.

My husband, sister-in-law and I wove through crowds of Japanese tourists in bedazzled Elvis shirts, sunburned senior citizens, bored looking kids with frazzled parents, and dozens of other tourists. A shuttle bus took us through the famous gates and up the winding drive to the house.

First of all, Elvis was a rock-n-roll pioneer. And I feel strongly that when you're a rock star you can get away with just about anything.That's why Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress and Paul McCartney can keep marrying 30-year-olds and we still love them.

Elvis was also gorgeous, talented, and by all accounts, a very nice person. Plus, he must've been very design forward because the house is AMAZING and I covet most of the furniture in it. Note I said "most." I do NOT want this monkey:

That thing gives me the creeps!

Let's move on...I think the monkey's following me with its eyes. Shudder.

We started our tour on the front steps:

Pretty, right? Okay, so from here you enter into a small foyer and living room. Behold the power of the peacocks:

I immediately wondered if Lisa Marie was allowed to play in this room. If it were my room - and lord how I wish it were - I wouldn't let anyone so much as breathe in it. Among the many fantastic pieces of furniture was this dresser:

Next up, Elvis' parents' bedroom and bathroom - I loved the fabulous wallpaper (and forgive me - I don't know what's going on with this picture but it won't post right side up):

They're poodles. Somehow I don't think Vernon Presley picked this out. He doesn't really look like the poodle kind of guy:

Back to the tour. Next, the kitchen which I'm sure was very trendy and chic-chic in it's day, but the carpet (ick, ick, ick...carpet in no no) reminded me of something you'd see in an off-strip Vegas Casino:

 Past the kitchen and these cool light switches:

Down the slightly nauseating mirrored staircase (hi!):

And through the doorway marked with the ram horns (manly):

You enter the rockin' basement TV room, redecorated in 1974 after Elvis heard that President Lyndon B Johnson had three TVs in his office to watch the three major television networks at the same time:

EEK! He's LOOKING at me! Quick! Avert your eyes. Look at something else...ANYTHING ELSE...oh, how about this great lamp?

Not far enough. Let's go into the pool room which was redecorated in 1973 and was covered ceiling to floor in 400 yards of fabric:

Back upstairs to my favorite room, Elvis' den, The Jungle Room:

Rumor has it Elvis purchased this furniture in the mid-70s to annoy his dad who thought it was the ugliest furniture he'd ever seen. Vernon, I'm with you. The room was once filled with plants and a working waterfall along the brick wall. Elvis had all the walls covered in carpet so he and his buddies could use the room to record. (they recorded most of his Moody Blues album here)

I may have gotten a little carried away...blame the shag:

I've already shown you my favorite rooms, so here are just a few more photos to round out your tour. Enjoy!

The racquetball room.

Racquetball room - Elvis sat and played at this piano the night he died.

Humble beginnings.
Lisa Marie's playground sat outside Vernon's office and the carport.

Gold-plated sink and faucets on The Lisa Marie.
Plush velvet seats with gold seat belt buckles...the man traveled in style.

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  1. i can't believe how boring lisa marie's playground is/was.